How to mix Star Wars and Volvic universes to offer a captivating chatbot experience and an effective storytelling?

Find your force

An epic adventure
through Facebook Messenger

It's about time you called... I've been waiting...

Volvic helps you to “find your force”
and write your own story, the Star Wars way.

Whetever you live in France 🇫🇷, Germany 🇩🇪 or United Kingdom 🇬🇧, you are invited to join an epic and immersive adventure through Facebook Messenger and test yourself through 12 different conversations.

Using Star Wars references, Volvic’s iconic thousand years old volcano guides you at the heart of your inner strength and tells you
which Star Wars character you are most like.

Each conversation offers different endings just like
"the book where you're the hero".

Start the conversation

A new way to start
an immersive experience

On different touchpoints (tv copy, stickers on packs, DOOH, social media), you are invited to start a Facebook Messenger conversation with Volvic’s volcano.

Volvic is the first brand to deploy massively contextualized scancodes on millions of their bottles through its 3 main markets (France 🇫🇷, Germany 🇩🇪 and United Kingdom 🇬🇧).
This was a new and huge leverage to bring people into the experience.

Each bottle hides
its own story

Scanning codes leads you to an exclusive story
related to the character on the bottle.
Try them and discover if you are like your favorite Star Wars hero.

determined, passionate, skilled
You're sent on a mission with an ally, to trap an enemy base
Each of you must set up explosive devices
I take on the main generator
Start Rey's story
brave, devoted, loyal, trusty
You're on a mission, amidst a raging battle
But transmissions have been cut off and your team needs backup
I try to re-establish transmissions
Start BB-8's story
charming, defiant, fearless
Your new mission is to destroy an orbital enemy station
What is your strategy?
I start by shooting at the transmission system
Start Poe's story
determined, good-hearted, heroic, selfless
Imagine yourself on a scouting mission, on a new planet
Where do you start?
I explore my surroundings
Start Finn's story
big-hearted, faithful, loyal, protective
You are on a rescue mission
You must access the cell block, but the corridor is under surveillance
I head straight for it
Start Chewbacca's story
During the control of a ship at the base's hangar, you notice it's been tampered with
I look into the origin of the sabotage
Start Rose's story

Insightful moments
before and after the release of the film
generate new conversations

On specific dates, the chatbot notifies you that a new adventure is available.
Try them and discover another facet of your inner strength.

Imagine yourself on a distant planet, admiring the full moon
You notice a flickering light in the sky... It looks like some sort of code...
I board my ship to go find the origin of this signal
Start full moon story
To start your week, we have an urgent mission for you to complete: the delivery of an encoded datapad
There is danger ahead, what position do you choose aboard the ship?
I want to be a pilot
Start monday morning story
Imagine you are looking for some spare parts on the black market to fix an old ship. You'll need this to rescue your allies.
It's very busy and you are running out of time, but you need to reach the counter
I edge my way through
Start black friday story
Imagine yourself on a distant planet, admiring the full moon
You notice a flickering light in the sky... It looks like some sort of code...
I board my ship to go find the origin of this signal
Start full moon story
Imagine yourself on a planet of ice and a violent storm has made your base vulnerable
As if that weren't enough, you now face an enemy attack
I leave for combat in the snow
Start winter day story
As you return home from your last mission, you receive a strange message on your Data Pad
The message strangely appears to communicate the date and location of a meeting but is not signed
I decide to follow the coordinates
Start christmas eve story

Share your results

Each story offers different endings shareable directly from the bot
Finish one story and unlock one of the 20 possible results
Would your wisdom guide you to the secret character?

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